About Us

You may have a whole new perspective you see where we are coming from

How It All Started

The trading business is competitive and not many people are willing to help beginners grow as traders and improve their skills. That's why many new traders end up hating this activity and avoid doing it again. We were beginners too, so we suffered from those issues and met people who only wanted to see us fall.

We tried many trading websites, programs, and teachers, but most of them just wanted to take money from us and scam us. Regardless of that, we wanted to improve and become professional traders, so we kept learning and working in any way we could.

We made many mistakes and took many hits along the road, but, fortunately, we never gave up. We started getting better until we became skilled and experienced traders. After struggling to learn all the things we did, we wanted to help both beginners and professionals to improve their trading skills with the help we needed when we started.

Teaching people is no easy task, so our only choice was to design and develop a general trading robot that could help pros take a lot off their plate and beginners learn from the trades the app recommends. We aimed to develop a general trading software platform because we didn't want to limit ourselves to crypto.

Many people with our previous struggles and goals joined our team and helped us create this platform. After a long time of hard work, Dubai Profit Now is now ready, and we couldn't be prouder of it. We tested it with many traders and improved its features to provide you with one of the best general trading apps you can find!

Our Goal

As we mentioned before, we want to help traders improve their skills and enjoy this beautiful industry more. This can be a highly stressful activity if you don't take time to learn and feel comfortable while doing it. That's why we are here to help any trader who uses our software feel better while trading and learn from the general trading robot.

Our main priority is your comfort and productivity, so rest assured that the only thing we want is to have a tool that assists you in all your trading-related endeavors.